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One Nutrition® Joint Factor - 60 Tabs


A unique combination of ingredients. Supporting normal cartilage, bones and muscles.

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I am writing to congratulate Naturalife on their excellent product “Joint Factor”. I have been taking it now for some time. I had a problem with my thumb and RSI, I got through my work. My thumb was very painful and at times it locked and I could not bend it. Joint Factor was recommended to me so I tried it, and within a few weeks the improvement in my thumb was amazing. Some time ago I received a bad fall in the street and damaged my knee. It wasn’t broken but swollen and very painful. After a while it became difficult to bend or flex it, so once again I turned to Joint Factor and as with my thumb it began to heal. While I have to be careful with my knee, the difference since I started taking Joint Factor is amazing. I have in the past tried other products for joint problems, including Glucosamine on its own. But none have worked the way Joint Factor has. Keep up the good work and please don’t stop making Joint Factor, I for one could not do without it!
Review by Helen (Posted on 4/26/2017)