One Nutrition has long been known for its premium, ethically sourced and pure ingredients. More recently, the brand has brought the packaging into line with its ingredients making it a functional nutrition brand that is both environmentally conscious and suitable for many dietary and lifestyle needs.

Formulated in Ireland by Darragh Hammond and Dominic Galvin, working in conjunction with the company’s technical team, One Nutrition is the first choice for those seeking premium, natural nutritional products. The packaging is recyclable, and all products are in glass jars protected by a cardboard sleeve, which only serves to heighten its appeal among anyone who is environmentally conscious.

A brand that cares for its consumers as much as the environment is a rare find indeed. One Nutrition offers Superfood, Wellness and Recovery ranges, which are vegetarian and almost entirely vegan. Convenient symbols on the side of pack signify vegan, gluten, dairy and soy free, making it easy to choose the right products to suit individual needs.

We caught up with the brand’s founders Darragh Hammond and Dominic Galvin in a rare interview to uncover the passion behind their fascinating brand.

What prompted you to develop your own supplements?

The concept really came out of a discussion my business partner Dominic and I were having around food supplements we both take and whether we could improve upon what is currently available” explains Darragh. Dominic and I have a combined industry experience of over 40 years in the natural products industry and we’ve gained a lot of knowledge around ingredient sourcing and quality control.  For example we’ve learned to always question supplier test certificates and non-EU “organic certification” and re-test before we use any purchased ingredient in one of our products to ensure quality and strength of ingredients”.

Glass of Power Greens

How long has it taken to bring your extensive range to fruition?

“It has taken a number of years as we have looked to bring out products that are a little unique and different to what is on the market”, explains Dominic.  “For example, we only use wheat and barley grass juice powders in our green products rather than ground leaf powder.  It costs a lot more for the raw material, but the benefits are so worth it as all the nutrients are readily available and we are not trying to extract them from grass, which our bodies were not designed to do.  We plan to add interesting and innovative products over the next few years to the range so that we will have a selection of products that people can reach for, whatever their needs”.

 When developing the brand, what was the most important consideration?

“The most important factor was that the ingredients are the best we can put into the products and when combined give us super products that promote wellness and good health.  Quality has to be at the heart of everything that we do and we take that very seriously”, says Dominic.  “That is why we work only with high quality supplier of ingredients with excellent reputations.  We rigorously test our raw materials when we receive them from our suppliers and we test again after the product is manufactured.  This way we ensure that our customers, the One Nutrition team, and our own families, who all take the supplements, are guaranteed a high quality, natural and effective product”.

 What is your go-to product?

“I have quite a few, to be honest” says Darragh.  “I take One Nutrition D3-Max on a regular basis, B12-Max and Ocean pH. I do a fair bit of cycling so One Nutrition Ocean Mag is helpful to prevent cramping on long rides”.

 The Experts Agree

Pat Divilly - Jenny Egan - Rob Heffernan

Jenny Egan, Irish Conoeist, Multiple World Champion, Multiple World Cup and European Championship Medalist “My training regime is intense, placing high demands on my body.  Since taking One Nutrition Power Greens I have found that my energy levels have improved.  I am less fatigued.  This increase in energy has allowed me to increase the intensity of my training session”.

Rob Heffernan, Irish Race Walker, World Championships Gold Medal Winner  “I’ve been using One Nutrition Joint Facto for several years to support my normal bone, muscle and cartilage function while training.  I have less aches and pains and notice a faster recover time from hard sessions!”.

Pat Divilly, Coach & Speaker “I have been using One Nutrition Ocean Mag product for a number of months now. This pure powder contain only natural Atlantic sea-sourced magnesium.  I have seen improvements in my sleep, and in recovery from Jiu-Jitsu and gym training”.

All One Nutrition products are exclusive to Health Stores and Pharmacies nationwide