The post workout regime can often be as strenuous as the workout itself. Between foam rolling, stretching, icing and calculating your macros, you can dedicate as much time to trying to avoid the dreaded DOMS as you can to your gym routine.
But there is a naturally occurring mineral in the body that can help with all that, though it’s one that is often deficient.
Magnesium is an essential mineral that is found in all our tissues, including our bones, muscles and brains, and is needed for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body.
Among other things Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue, to electrolyte balance, to normal muscle function and normal protein synthesis.
If you have been training a lot and are feeling the effects of a tough workout schedule you might find magnesium useful as it helps to support muscle function which may help with issues like cramping. It may also be useful to support relaxation post training as magnesium contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and to normal psychological function.
Magnesium isn’t something we often think about in our diets and as a result most people don’t get enough of it. It can be depleted by caffeine, salt or alcohol, as well as chronic stress and intense exercise or, life as most people call all those things.

Best ways to recover from a workout

  1. Stay hydrated. It may sound basic but drink enough water both pre and post exercise.
  2. Post workout make sure to stretch and use a foam roller to massage out knots and increase blood flow to your muscles.
  3. Straight after working out, eat a snack that has a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein to help restore the nutrients lost in the muscles during the workout.
  4. A cold shower after exercise can help to reduce inflammation of the muscles. Or, if you’re brave, try an ice bath, which has been shown to reduce muscle soreness by 20 percent.
  5. Take a magnesium supplement like One Nutrition’s Ocean Mag powder which is filtered from clean, Irish seawater. This highly alkaline powder also contains 72 other nutrients and trace minerals. It is sports approved and is tested to WADA standards.