6 eggs

250 grams buffalo mozzarella, lightly torn

50 grams Parmesan

120 grams cherry tomatoes, sliced

20 grams fresh basil, lightly torn

Himalayan salt and freshly ground black pepper

to season

2 tablespoons One Nutrition Organic Pure MCT Oil


  1. Place eggs in a bowl and season. Whisk lightly and mix in mozzarella, parmesan,

tomatoes and basil. Season to taste.

  1. Heat small pan and lightly coat with ½ tablespoon MCT oil. Pour in egg mixture, cook on

hob for approximately one minute, cover lightly with tin foil then bake in oven @ 160C until

set and golden, 25-35 minutes.

  1. Serve with mixed baby salad leaves or simple green vegetables, drizzle with extra MCT oil.